1. How to contact the Orgateam.
    You can get them at info.emag@mensa.es, for general information; at finance.emag@mensa.es, for payment information; and at lectures.emag@mensa.es if you need something related with lectures or workshops.

  2. How  do I get from the airport to the venue hotel?
    You can take a train that takes you directly to Sants Station, the hotel is located above the station, in the same building.

  3. Can I pay for my bookings / for registration and/or activities in foreign currency?
    Yes, you can, as long as you use bank transfer or credit card payment, we assume they will charge the equivalent amount in your currency.

  4. What if I need to cancel my bookings?
    You can cancel them until you pay them. After that, the only way to have your money back is selling them in the “Market” during the EMAG, to another attendant. Deadline for payments is June 30th.

  5. Do I need to pay by April 30th in order to have early bird fee?
    Yes, you do.

  6. How can I see my payment status, add activities or persons or changing whatever you need?
  7. You have to login as if you were to register again, choose the same number of persons to register for, and you'll see your bookings. You can then add, modify and update and see your payment status. Except what is already payed, that can not be changed.

  8. Is there a dresscode for the Gala Dinner? 
  9. As usual, there is no dresscode although we encourage you to dress smart. But you should know that there will be long dresses, kilts and tuxedos, and also shorts, jeans, and t-shirts. Feel free to wear what you like!  But take in mind that the weather outside will (pretty sure) be warm but there will also be air conditioning inside , or so we expect since the building is old and has thick walls… and did we tell you how beautiful it is? It is the perfect place to dress like a princess… or a villain!