Registration IS CLOSED

First, you need an account (unless you are a Mensa Spain member, then you have to read Infomensa n. 105 before registration).

All attendants must have a user account in order to register for  EMAG. Having your data classified will make it easier for  the organizers to communicate with you,  prepare badges or tickets to activities, etc.

So, first of all, go to this form and create an account for each attendant.

Make sure that you give us a valid email address... your login and password will be sent there!

Then, you can register.

Go to Mensa Spain website and use your login (usuario) and password (contraseƱa) to enter our members area.  Our system will detect that you have an EMAG account and you will be taken directly to the registration form.

Choose the number of attendants.

First, you will have to tell us the number and name/login of attendants that are included in your registration.

Choose the activities.

Now you will be able to choose the activities that you would like to attend to. The system will automatically add the registration fees.